Dear Old Metairie Business Owners,

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I'm excited to finally launch the Shop Old Metairie website that has been in the works for several months now. As a lifelong New Orleanian and Old Metairie resident who loves good shopping and food, I felt that businesses thriving in our neighborhood deserve a website of their own - a place where residents and businesses of the community can come together and support one another. is different from other sites because it specifically targets stores in Old Metairie. Those of us who live here already know where to find the best shops and restaurants, and those who might just be passing through could easily overlook those places because there are so many of them in such close proximity to one another. My primary reason for creating this site is to showcase all of the wonderful businesses, both new and existing, that Old Metairie has to offer.

dashboard viewed from PC
Dashboard viewed from PC
Shop Old Metairie Dashboard
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I encourage business owners to create an account and take advantage of the valuable tools the website has to offer. Under your directory listing, add a link to your own site, and submit a description with photos for visitors to see. If you need to update any of your information, simply login from our main page to access your profile. The intuitive dashboard is easy to use on all devices and browsers, and it's even optimized for use from your smartphone. Share information about your company in our business owner's blog. Easily promote your blog posts by sharing them to your favorite social media sites with the built-in sharing feature. As a bonus, we will share our favorite submissions on our own social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The more activity your posts have on social media, the better online presence you will have, which can help your rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your existing customers will want to pass along your news and promotions to their friends, which can generate new business for you. provides a beneficial connection between local businesses and the surrounding community.

I know visitors to our site are going to love the information we share, and I am always open to new suggestions that can improve their user experience. While I have devoted countless hours to making this site as practical, fun and user-friendly as possible without being overwhelming, I will continue to provide ongoing improvements and enhancements to the existing content and add new features as needed that will keep everything interesting and up-to-date.

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